Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rick Court Blog Drawings

Rick Court's blog entry reminded me of old stories my dad used to tell me- especially about kingers (he showed me how to play this game when I was little!) I decided to try an illustration style that reminded me of old storybooks from that time.

Here is the big illustration that represents the whole story. The chestnut tree seemed to tie the whole story together, so I used that.

Here are the two spot illustrations: one based on kingers and one based on his working days at Dofasco.

As always, constructive feedback is much appreciated!


  1. I like it meg, especially the spot illustrations, captured very nicely.

  2. Those conkers are totally a dad-story aren't they?

    I like the Dofasco piece, it reminds me of some of the photography I've seen to the same effect. Further I think the airbrushing (I think that's the tool you used?) worked REALLY REALLY well for the sunset and smoke. Beautiful.

  3. Meg, these are awesome - but why haven't you posted the main piece on the class blog? Please do so asap - thanks L :^)