Thursday, February 11, 2010

IF: Muddy

This is my image for the theme of "Muddy" for Illustration Friday.

I started out with something a bit more literal for muddy (a little girl in rainboots and an umbrella) but didn't like it as I went along. After some brainstorming, I kept thinking that soon it will be spring and it will soon be muddy. When the ice melts, you start to see birds around sometime in March. I specifically thought of crows on power lines. I drew the large crow in the foreground on my computer, and used brushes for the rest. In the back there is an old fashioned astral map, because the constellations rotate as the seasons go by. The blood splatter stems from "a murder of crows". This image wasn't so much a literal interpretation of the theme, but rather a big word association stemming from muddy. Hope you like it!

1 comment:

  1. meg this is really neat!!! i like that you didn't take the word literally as many of us did (myself included) and end up with a muddy child haha. really well done!