Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IF: subterranean

This is my image for "Subterranean", this week's Illustration Friday theme.

In regards to the process, I hand drew the bird and the ink squiggles with pen and ink and scanned them into photoshop. The rest was assembled in photoshop using custom brushes and patterns.

As for the idea, I've been reading The Dunwich Horror by HP Lovecraft, and throughout the story he references birds as psychopomps (a psychopomp escorts newly deceased souls to the underworld). I figured underworld was as subterranean as it can get. I tried to reference skeleton parts on the crow to emphasize the death part of it. I actually saw a really creepy pidgeon in Gore Park the other day that had eye markings that looked like a skull, which also inspired this.

I enjoy this style, but I would really like constructive criticism to make it better! Comment if you have something to say that could help. Thank you!


  1. That's awesome Meg! Love the detail on the crow.
    Lovecraft stories are great too, this site used to have weekly posts dealing with Lovecraft and his fiction, the site was pretty dead for months but is slowly returning.. I think you'll find some radical stuff if you search the archives. :)
    Plus I have the same birthday as Lovecraft. :P

  2. This is beautiful! Love all the different patterns and how you arranged everything!